Exploring Spiritual Places: Besakih Temple + Goa Gajah + Tirta Empul temple + Lunch in Kintamani <Japanese Guide/ Round trip fee is included>

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Bali, the island where the gods dwell. Most importantly enjoy Ubud, one of the Bali's best power spots and superb views. You can fully enjoy the charms of Ubud, such as the famous Tirta Empul Temple, which is famous for its holy water, the elephant cave Goa Gajah, and the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Also, there are plenty of popular sightseeing spots with the best scenery in Bali such as "Kintamani Plateau" and "Busaki Temple". Even if it is difficult for you to go around in one day on your own, leave it to a skilled guide. This is a very satisfying and affordable tour of popular spots near Ubud.

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Our employees will be conducting tours in accordance with our updated operations including the wearing of masks, frequent use of hand sanitizers and disinfecting of equipment after each tour. For our customers, we will similarly request measures for enhanced hygiene standards.

Conquer all the highlights of Ubud, a city filled with nature and majestic temples!

Ubud is filled with spectacular and popular spots that are also registered as World Heritage sites. At Tirta Empul Temple, you can experience bathing in holy water. At Rice Terrace, the magnificent landscape is breathtaking such that the hills are full of green carpet. And at the Goa Gajah ruins, where the three great gods of Hinduism are enshrined and the cave with impressive open mouth.

Enjoy dinner in Ubud with Japanese guide and transportation with no worries.

There are no worries about language since our guide is a Japanese speaking guide. The guide will explain about the spots in Japanese. Learn a lot of knowledge such as the history of the spot from the guide. Also the guide will help you in any ways. You can also enjoy your favorite dinner in Ubud on this tour. Please ask your guide for recommended restaurants.


  • Hotel pick up

    Our tour guide will pick you up at your hotel. Pick up time varies by hotel location.

  • Visit mistical power spot,Goa Gajah

    Goa Gajah was named after the shape of ruins that looked like a huge elephant statue. Goa Gajah is called Elephant Cave, and is located on the island of Bali near Ubud.

  • Beautiful terraced rice fields, Rice Terrace in Tegalalang

    "Rice Terrace" in Tegalalang is registered as a World Heritage site and is a beautiful green stepped rural landscape that captivates people around the world. Senmaida is the highlight, which was created to secure a large acreage on the hills.

  • Tirta Empul Temple where the holy water springs constantly

    Tirta Empul Temple founded in the 10th to14th centuries by the Warmadewa Dynasty, is known as one of the leading Hindu temples in Bali. There is a bath in the temple and it is said that immortal water which is effective for all illness, springs out.

  • Enjoy exquisite Indonesian cuisine at Kintamani Plateau

    Taste plenty of local Indonesian cuisine at Kintamani Plateau, over 1200 meters above sea level. Lunch while watching the large panoramic view in front of you seems to make you to forget your everyday life.

  • Visit the masterpiece of the complex temple, Besakih Temple

    Besakih Temple located on the hillside of Mount Agung has more than 1,000 years of history and has been worshiped as the oldest and largest Hindu temple in Bali since ancient times. Besakih Temple as the center of the people's religion still holds rituals and visitors can feel the magnificent atmosphere when visiting the temple.

  • Enjoy your favorite dinner in Ubud

    Enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant in Ubud. Your guide will give you recommendations.

  • Drop off at your hotel

    Hope you enjoyed Ubud. Relieve the fatigue of the day and enjoy the rest of your stay in Bali.

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Exploring Spiritual Places: Besakih Temple + Goa Gajah + Tirta Empul temple + Lunch in Kintamani <Japanese Guide/ Round trip fee is included>

US$ 79

Free cancellation up to 72 hours

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Free cancellation up to 72 hours
US$ 79