Terms of use

Company name: Fun Group Inc. Manager of website operations: Fun Group Inc. Location: 150-0012 WILL HAGIYA BLDG. 3F Hiroo 5-Chome 19-10 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to Business: Operation of travel activities & optional tours E-mail: customer_support@fungroup.inc Selling price: Indicated for each service

Method of payment

Payments may be made by credit card (VISA or Mastercard). (Customer is responsible for any and all handling charges associated with payments.)

About delivery of servic

Reservation certificates, contracts, etc. are not issued for ordered services. In order to receive reserved services, we request that the customer arrives to the designated service location.

About the cancellation period

To request cancellation after payment, please contact us by e-mail at customer_support@fungroup.inc. Cancellation period is calculated based on Local Time. Cancellation policies may vary between tours. Please refer to the respective tour's webpage for policy details. In cases where necessitated advance reservation tickets are included in the tour fees, the guide will make ticket arrangements immediately after the customer's payment has been confirmed. Cancellation regulations posted on the corresponding tour webpage will apply. Please note that if the reservation has already been settled, then a refund of ticket fees will not be possible. Further, in cases where the service provider is unorder to deliver services for any reason, or when there is reason to believe that fault lies with the company regarding services provided, refunds will be issues in accordance with each tour's respective cancellation policies and disclaimers following a prompt investigation of the case at hand. Please note that tour fees cannot be refunded in cases where it is determined that tours are impossible or difficult to operate by the tour operator for any reason or in cases of inclement weather, disaster, rioting or other such circumstances.